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Day 0 : Challenge #MAYEMKENCH2026 : TURKEY يوم البداية مع سعد عابد وتحدي #ميمكنش2026 بتركيا

Today is the big day, the beginning of my great adventure!
Direction Turkey to meet the first celebrity.
Before I leave, I want to thank my parents, my wife for their inconditionnal support and a special dedicacy to Mirbouch
#MAYMKENCH2026, it’s now!

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Day 01 : Saad Abid with Samuel Eto'o in Turkey - اليوم الأول : سعد عابد مع صامويل ايطو بتركيا

Here is the vlog of my meeting with Samuel Eto’o. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for this warm welcoming and his great contribution to the challenge Maymkench2026.
You will discover the celebrities that Samuel Eto’o nominated to join challenge!
You want to contribute ? Tell us who are the stars that you would like me to meet 😉💪
Long live Morocco
#SaadAbid #Maymkench2026 #SamuelEtoo #Roaming_inwi